Kathleen’s first contact with Alpha and Theta sounds where she realized the amazing results on how it can help people who suffer from PTS and trauma.


After 6 years of research, Kathleen starts developing a business plan with research to solidify the RDR method. Marilou Pampo is the first subject with promising results.


Kathleen begins the first recording for the RDR Remedy. Marilou Pampo joins RDR as a Veteran liaison, a non-profit.


January RDR is registered as a non-profit organization and the collaborative research with doctors, other Veterans, and additional resources ensues

February RDR is very happy to announce that Sandy Moyer has joined our team as an Operation Administrator.

March RDR is collaborating with The Legacy Corps IL and the research starts in Rockford IL.

May RDR is receiving the first positive results from the research.

June Kathleen begins to make personal sounds for conditions other than PTS(D), such as relaxation, addiction, fibromyalgia, migraines, high blood pressure, depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI), to name a few.

August RDR builds the only customized brainwave sound room in the world at the Wholesome Health Lounge in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

October Kathleen receives the first positive results from the personalized sound sessions.

December Kathleen and Marilou brings RDR technology to an EC Pitch event.


January The first meetings start to take this business to the next level

March More and more positive results are coming in and  new ideas are born to take this business to the next level. So excited!!

April RDR wins the Innovation of the Year award!


Change RDR from non-profit to for profit.


April Kathleen receives the Innovator of the year award!

July The Soñata Headset prototype arrives in Nashville


The first Soñata devices  are for sale and first orders and shipments are going out the door! Very gratefull that RDR is ready to help people all over the world.          


July FINALLY, The Soñata App is available on the APP Store!!! This makes it accesible to everyone in the world. From now on, people can create and listen to their own sound, in their personal space, wherever they are! Just click on the conditions you have  at that moment ( you can combine 3# conditions together) and the sound will be created in 2 seconds at user his/her convenience  with one push on a button. The founder Kathleen explains: ‘This was worth the 18 years of research and work! 

Now I can help so many more people! I am very excited that everyone in the world will have the ability to live a life in harmony if they choose so!”

2016 Innovation of the Year

RDR Wellness Team is honored by Bank of America, the Entrepreneur Center of Nashville and Bunker Labs with innovation of the Year!

Winner of Innovator of the Year for 2020

This award recognizes the top individual Innovator in Middle Tennessee. This award was presented to an individual who created and implemented an innovative technology-based product, service or process that enhances customer experience, profitability, efficiency, or life experience.

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