Today is November 11th as I am writing this blog. First of all, I want to thank all the Veterans for their sacrifices they have made! Which makes me think of September in 1944 when Belgium was liberated by the Allied forces, including British, Canadian and American armies. Ironically, I now live in America and became an American Citizen in 2018. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Belgium was not saved at that time. Maybe I would not have been born and writing this today. I am grateful I do, and want to extend my gratitude to all of them that gave up there lives, family, hobby’s, and so many other precious things, just to serve.
Honestly, I wish I could change things in the world with one finger snap and make the wars go away, because it is not making sense to me, neither now nor in the future. It hurts my heart to see for one second the news today and see all these innocent people being robbed of their lives, loved ones, homes and children. It hurts my heart deeply.

Thinking of the gratitude of being who I am today and where I live now, gave me another thought. The thought of one the biggest days of the year in America, is Thanksgiving. I cannot explain how thankful I am to be living here and not in one of these countries that is being attacked. We are all very lucky and I truly hope that this Thanksgiving will give everyone the chance to reflect and to be thankful just being alive and living a life fulfilled with food, having a home, a bed to sleep in, hot showers to bathe and being with friends and family. I truly hope that people not only see Thanksgiving as a day of eating Turkey and being stuffed with devil’s eggs, until they fall over watching a football game. I hope people will feel truly thankful for what they have. And maybe even go volunteer for a few hours in the morning, before the madness starts, in a homeless or animal shelter. Because yes, that will open your heart, and you will see that you will feel grateful by the end of your volunteer shift.

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Sometimes I wish I could shoot or put my sounds into a satellite, play it for the whole world, and lift the vibration of this beautiful planet. It would definitely help! But that is a dream I had for the past 18 years! Maybe I should talk to some adventurous inventors to make this happen. In the meantime, I am trying to help people and animals, one at the time, by giving them the opportunity to buy and use the Soñata headset or mobile App. Which BTW is now also available on Android!! Woot, woot! In the meantime, I am trying to find a way to offer separate sounds on the website, such as PTS(d), Sleep, Relax, weight-loss and focus. All separately available to download and easy to use. I will keep you posted when it will be available on the website, so YOU will also have the chance to purchase and use the desired sound to change your life in a positive way forever! Don’t forget, throughout the whole month of November we are offering the headset on a special price for veterans and their families! And keep your eyes open for other discounts – Christmas is coming and will be here sooner than you think; the Soñata headset is the perfect Christas gift for your loved ones!

Also, if you would like a presentation and demonstration of the RDR Soñata sounds, please contact me at I can’t wait to get back on the road and tell the world about RDR Soñata and the benefits you will see and feel when you use the RDR Soñata sounds. Because everyone deserves a life filled with happiness and joy!

In love and light

Founder / Owner


Kat and Yana (Kat's daughter) giving back to the homeless by not only giving blankets, food and water, but also some hugs and love. This day made a big impression on Yana, something she will cherish for the rest of her life.
Blessing bags you can prepare to give to someone in need.
Yana (Kat's daughter) giving back to the homeless by not only giving blankets, food and water, but also some hugs and love. This man can be found at the "Naked statue" near Demonbreun in Nashville. Every time we pass by him, he calls us Queen and princess.
Kat and Yana driving around in Nashville on Thanksgiving, giving back to the homeless by donating blankets, food and water.


Kat volunteering in the animal rescue for "The Noah Arc" project. Cute cat Jared did not want to let go of Kat. Later on, this cutie was adopted and lives now a wonderful life.
Kat, Marilou, Tonya, Sandy, Christy, Cher and Dawn volunteering on Thanksgiving at the animal Rescue Corps in 2019 and feeding the homeless in Nashville at the amazing Gobble Gobble Give event.