I am sipping my coffee, while I am enjoying the view in beautiful Virginia on my back porch. I am still amazed by nature’s seasons; it’s perfect timing without anyone curating its process. Nature has its natural flow, just like today. We are reaching the end of September and slowly the leaves are turning brown and some are falling slowly on the ground. Absolutely wonderful how different things have their different rhythms.

Because of this beautiful spectacle, I could not resist reflecting on my own life, especially the past 19 years. How and why I came in contact with binaural brainwave sounds, what I researched, what I created, how I saw the Soñata headset being born, how I perfected it and molded it into the Soñata app, so more conditions could be alleviated for more people around the world. What amazing results I saw with the people who used my creation.

Just like nature, the human body has its own rhythm, and every cell has its own frequency. Therefore, every condition in the body has its own frequency that is stored in the brain and creates its own chemistry. For that reason we can say, by listening to particular frequencies, on a regular basis and with consistency, we can create new neural pathways that will create new chemistry as a result. Subsequently, it alleviates or strengthens the condition you want to alter in your body. Further research to connect physical conditions to a mental state or emotional state changed my perspective and formula forever and skyrocketed the outcome of a long research study.

The results I have seen in my clients and research, after I incorporated the emotional connection in my sounds astound me, and makes my heart dance from happiness. I hope you will check it out and choose a new life. A life that is balanced and aligned with YOUrself. Just like the waves at the beach, your heartbeat and breathing, the trees and nature, we are made to experience the beauty in life in full harmony, happiness and alignment, bliss. Of course, there is stress in life, however, when your brain is aligned and centered, you will react differently and will still attract all the good that life has to offer. Furthermore, physical and mental conditions will subside a little bit more. Everyday.

I’ve come a long way, especially when I think about 19 years ago. But here I am, helping others, with success, and I will continue until I am gone and spread my wings to fly into another dimension.

Like a very good friend of mine always says, see you on the flip side of the silver lining!

In love and light