It is getting a bit crispier in the morning and evenings here in Virginia. The trees are beginning to change colors and leaves are starting to fall to the ground. The time of the year where the look of the earth starts to change, slowly but certain. It made me think of how RDR Soñata sounds work on a human body and its conditions. By listening to the Soñata sounds, slowly, steadily, the body adopts the frequency and creation of new neural pathways begin, thus alleviating certain conditions in the human body. Quite impressive! Having never encountered fall allergies, I was obliged to experience my own life’s work the other day. Although, I never experienced allergies like this when I was living in Belgium, Nashville and Virginia had other plans for me. Luckily, I created an allergy sound and soon I felt relief and could breath again. Yes, I say luckily, because as a pilot, I cannot take certain medications if I want to keep flying. It was good for me to experience this again and to be reminded of how remarkable the RDR Soñata sounds are. Which then made me think about why I came up with the name RDR, and Soñata for the headset and App.


RDR spelled out is Reset, Delete and Re-reprogrammation. While I was doing the whole Alpha Theta Training in 2004/2005 I experienced these three words in that sequence. Furthermore, with the research I did later on, I witnessed this behavior in all my subjects. Yes, to create a new life or finding your silver lining, you have to delete old behavior, the old limited belief system. However, you cannot do that without creating a new system first! You can create new neural pathways while other ones are still connected. However, you cannot break all connections first, to then create new ones. If you would do so, the neural pathways in your brain would be shooting out a chemistry that would have nowhere to go. Therefore you first have to Reset your intentions / beliefs / neural pathways, create new neural pathways, Delete old ones and finally Re-program the new ones. Since my research is based on the emotional state of mind to physical conditions, it works on high blood pressure, PTS(d), Fibromyalgia, pain and many more conditions that people and animals are dealing with.

The word re-programmation is a word I made up years ago, while still living in Belgium. I did not know that at that time and is pure accidental; however, it stuck and I kept it that way. The biggest reason for that is because I personally created an algorithm for the RDR sounds and this makes the RDR Soñata sound unique. Let us say that the word Re-Progammation gives the RDR Soñata sounds my Belgium touch and flavor.


The reason why I called The device and App Soñata is pretty simple: The word Soñata originates from the Italian word “suonare”, which means “to sound”. Furthermore, the name Soñata attracts ambition, affection and creativity. When someone can surround themself with these three things, I believe, a person can create everything they want in their life, fulfill life purpose and therefore will be happy! In numerology, for people who believe in that, the word “Soñata” is connected to the number 7, which brings serenity, and an urge to look into the deeper things in life. I hope this explanation brings some clarity as to why I chose this combination of names.

I can’t wait to get back on the road and tell the world about RDR Soñata and the benefits you will see and feel when you use the RDR Soñata sounds. If you would like a presentation and demonstration of the RDR Soñata sounds, please contact me at Because everyone deserves a life filled with happiness and joy! 

In love and light

Founder / Owner